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Hanky Panky Is Open!

Yes, you read that right. Our fave is back open.

This a review of our first time back at Hanky Panky when they re-opened to dining in after the coronavirus lockdown.

Now, obviously I love Hanky Panky. Even before Testify was held there, our family would go for pancakes at least twice a month. Since it became home to Testify, they have never been anything but a gracious, flexible and supportive venue. That being said, I paid for my meal like anyone else would, they haven't asked me to write this blog post and to be honest, if I'd had a shit experience, I'd just be very English about it and not say anything at all.

After getting my eldest's glowing report earlier in the month, we asked her where she would like to go for a treat tea. Her instant answer was Hanky Panky. The restaurant now allows online booking (they've never taken bookings before) AND they're now open until 9pm Wednesday-Saturday (previously they've only opened during the day). Booking was reassuring for us, Hanky Panky is currently at significantly reduced capacity and a 5 and 4 year old do not take well to queuing for food LET ME TELL YOU.

All the tables are well spaced out, the menu is now online so you can just order and pay from your phone and the food is brought on trolleys so you can take the plates yourself. It has all been very well thought out and feels safe.

The new menu is a revelation. I admit, at first I was disappointed that some of my favourite pancakes were now missing - Aye up me duck and Very Cherry. During lockdown, some of the pancakes have given way to a new range of Dosas, curries and omelettes. You'll notice I've been referring to the restaurant as 'Hanky Panky' throughout this piece rather than 'Hanky Panky Pancakes'. Thats because the changes are here to stay! You'll still be able to get delicious fluffy pancakes but take it from me, you'll want to have the curry.

After a lot of deliberating, I went for the Grandma Lourdes' Green Fish Curry (pictured below) with a side of chapati, mango chutney and cucumber yoghurt. Everything is fresh and home made.

I don't want to overstate this or sound dramatic, but this meal was hands down THE BEST CURRY I HAVE EVER EATEN.

There are two parts of this blog in caps lock. The part where I tell you what a nightmare my children are when they have to wait for their food and the part where I tell you how amazing the curry is. Both are equally true. I definitely want one to happen more than the other.

My husband had the HP dosa and the kids had woodland pancakes followed by ice cream. There were empty plates and very happy faces all round.

I was worried about eating out again after the pandemic but the whole experience was a dream.

If you're not quite ready to get back out there yet, their full menu is available for takeaway!

You can book a table, order your food or have a nosey at the menu here:https://hankypankypancakes.com

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