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Virtual Testify!

As you know, Testify should be on the 7th April - well, we're going to have a virtual meeting instead!
On the 7th July at 7:30pm, you are invited to share your work virtually through zoom.  I've sprung for the premium zoom so we won't get kicked off after 40 minutes.  We'll come to each person in turn, just like at the normal night, and you can share what you've been writing.  We'll see how many people join us as to how much time we'll each have.


Want to join us?  Email testifypoetrycic@gmail.com, DM any of our social medias or fill out a contact form

We've paid for the premium version of Zoom to make the meeting more effective so if you would like to contribute to the ongoing running costs for Testify then you can do so here: paypal.me/testifypoetry
This is entirely voluntary but as always, very appreciated!

Cant wait to see you all!

The New Testify Group

How are you all doing?  Its hard going out there at the moment and since all Testify's physical events are cancelled, we've decided to develop our online community!

We now have a Testify facebook group.

Every day I will be posting writing prompts and exercises, submission opportunities and any virtual poetry events that will be happening.
We're even hoping to get our own virtual open mic up and running - watch this space!

f you want to join us then click the link! https://buff.ly/2QqyRqV

EVERYONE is welcome, even if you've never been to Testify before!

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